Local Information

Shanghai is an international metropolis with diversified cultures. Shanghai is the largest city in China, which has the population of more than 25 million and is the financial, trade, information and shipping center of China. It is also one of the famous tourism  sites  over  the  world  with  wonderful  food,  sightseeing  places  and  shopping centers, and more importantly a conference center as well. Shanghai boasts two largeinternational airports, Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport, which have direct flights to/from many cities over the world and then is convenient to come. Maglev trains connecting Pudong International Airport and Metro Line 2 can reach  500  kilometers  per  hour  or  more,  is  the  world's fastest  passenger  ground transport.



Shanghai (picture above) is a very vibrant and safe city. It successfully hosted the World Expo 2010 and attracted more than 200 countries around the world to display their treasures and cultures. In addition, it has many good restaurants offering wide range of cuisines, which assembles the delicious food from both at home and abroad. 


Shanghai  is  a  shopping  paradise  and  the  famous  Nanjing  Road  attracts  millions  of tourists  from  both  at  home  and  abroad  every  year.  The  renowned  bund  and multi‐country architecture complex along the bund and skyscrapers across the bund highlight  the  prosperity  of  the  current  Shanghai.  In  addition,  surrounding  Shanghai, there are also some natural beautiful sceneries, especially the ancient water towns.