Zhiming Ma


Professor Zhiming Ma

Zhi-Ming Ma is a professor of The Academy of Math and Systems Science, CAS, and is the dean of the School of Mathematical Science, USTC. He has made contributions to the theory of Dirichlet forms and other subjects of stochastic analysis. Recently he has been involved in the research direction of applications of probability and statistics to other areas. He was an Invited Speaker at ICM 1994, and a Medallion Lecturer at the 2008 World Congress in Probability and Statistics. Being recognized for his contributions, he was awarded the First Class Prize for Natural Sciences by CAS, the Max-Planck Research Award by the Max-Planck Society and AvH, the Chinese National Natural Sciences Prize, the S. S. Chern Mathematics Prize, the Hua Loo-Keng Mathematics Prize, and other prizes. Professor Ma was elected an Academician of CAS in 1995, a Fellow of TWAS in 1998, and a Fellow of IMS in 2008. He was the President of the Chinese Mathematical Society in the period of 2000-2003 and in the period of 2008-2011. He served for the International Mathematical Union (IMU) as an Executive Committee member in 2003-2006, and as a Vice President in 2007-2010. He was the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of ICM 2002. He is now the Chairman of the Scientific Program Committee of ICIAM2015.

Address:Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 100190, China

E-mail: mazm@amt.ac.cn

Homepage: http://www.amt.ac.cn/member/mazhiming/index.html


 Title: Some  Thoughts about Bayesian Method in Phylogenetics

 Abstract: Bayesian method  has now been used in analysis of phylogenetics by more and more researchers. Yet  because of its theoretical and computational difficulties, there are still  various problems and challenge in this attractive research direction.  In this  talk I shall introduce some of our thoughts and questions in this aspect. The  topics are based on the discussion in our joint seminar with biologists, and  some related work of my former student who is now working in this direction.