1. Recent Advances in Computational Neuroscience

Organizers:Tingting Zhang, Department of Statistics, University of Virginia, Email:, and Hongtu Zhu, Department of Biostatistics, University of North Carolina, Email:
Chair:Linglong Kong, Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta

Speaker 1: Uri T Eden, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Boston university , Email:
Title: Point process adaptive filters and the analysis of neural spiking dynamics

Speaker 2: Tingting Zhang, Department of Statistics, University of Virginia , Email:
Title: Bayesian Inference for Cluster-Structured High-Dimensional Ordinary Differential     Equations with Applications to Brain Networks

Speaker 3: Satish Iyengar, Department of Statistics, University of Pittsburgh , Email:
Title: Inference for integrate-and-fire neuron models

Speaker 4: Jie Peng, Department of Statistics, UC-Davis, Email:
Title: Fiber orientation distribution estimation by spherical needlets

2. Statistics Innovations for Imaging Studies

Organizer and Chair: Jian Kang, University of Michigan, Email:

Speaker 1: Lexin Li, University of California, Berkeley, Email:
Title: Parsimonious Tensor Response Regression and Application in Neuroimaging Analysis

Speaker 2: Hernando Ombao, University of California at Irvine, Email:
Title: Statistical Methods for High-Dimensional Non-Stationary Biological Time Series

Speaker 3: Bin Nan, University of Michigan, Email:
Title: Large covariance/correlation matrix estimation for temporal data

Speaker 4: Hongtu Zhu, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Email:
Title: Functional Structural Equation Models for Twin Functional Data

3.  Recent Development in Ordinal Data Analysis

Organizer and Chair:Dungang Liu, University of Cincinnati, Email:

Speaker 1:Chun Li, Case Western Reserve University, Email:
Title: Pros and Cons of Analyzing a Quantitative Outcome as if It Were Ordinal

Speaker 2:Bryan Shepherd, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Email:
Title: Covariate Adjusted Spearman's Rank Correlation with Probability-Scale Residuals

Speaker 3:Ivy Liu, Victoria University of Wellington,  Email:
Title:Model Diagnostics for Ordinal Response Data

Speaker 4:Dungang Liu, University of Cincinnati, Email:
Title:Surrogate Approach To Defining Residuals For Ordinal Outcomes

4.Emerging Statistical Power in Integrating Big and Complex Neuroimaging Data

Organizer:Linglong Kong, University of Alberta, Email:
Chair:Tingting Zhang, University of Virginia, Email:

Speaker 1:Timothy Johnson, University of Michigan, Email:
Title:Spatial Bayesian Latent Factor Regression Modeling of Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Data

Speaker 2:Todd Ogden, Columbia University, Email:

Title: Functional and imaging data in precision medicine

Speaker 3:Jieping Ye, University of Michigan, Email:

Title: Sparse Screening for Exact Data Reduction

Speaker 4: Martin Lindquist, John Hopkins University, Email:
Title: Evaluating Dynamic Connectivity in fMRI

5.Joint modeling of longitudinal and survival data

Organizer and Chair:  Yuedong Wang, University of California - Santa Barbara

Speaker 1: Annie Qu, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Email:
Title: A Mixed-effects Estimating Equation Model for Nonignorable Missing
Longitudinal Data with Refreshment Sampling

Speaker 2:Yi Li, University of Michigan, Email:
Title:Covariance-Insured Screening Methods for Ultrahigh Dimensional Variable Selection
Speaker 3:Wensheng Guo, University of Pennsylvania, Email:
Title:Joint Modeling of Functional Data and Time to Event    
Speaker 4:  Ping Ma, University of Georgia, Email:
Title:Statistical Leveraging in Big Longitudinal Data Analysis
6.  ICSA-Biometrics Section Sponsored Invited Session: “New Development in Semiparametric Models for Survival Analysis”

Organizer and Chair:Donglin Zeng, University of North Carolina,

Speaker 1: Yu Chen, University of Pittsburgh, Email:
Title: Novel Diagnostic Accuracy Analysis for Competing-Risk Outcomes with Hypervolume
under the Manifold
Speaker 2:Yuanjia Wang, Columbia University, Email:
Title:Varying-coefficient Hazards Model with High-Dimensional and Network-structured

Speaker 3: Baosheng Liang, The Hong Kong University, Email:

Title: Semiparametric Transformation Models with Multi-Level Random Effects for Family Survival Data

Speaker 4:  Donglin Zeng, University of North Carolina, Email: 
Title: Semiparametric Transformation Models for Competing Risks Subject to Interval
7.  Challenging Statistical Issues in High-dimensional Inference

Organizers: Haipeng Shen, University of Hong Kong,  Email: and
Dan Yang, Rutgers University, Email:    
Chair: Haipeng Shen, University of Hong Kong, Email:

Speaker 1:Ming-Yen Cheng, National Taiwan University, Email:
Title: Feature Selection in High-Dimensional Fisher Discriminant Analysis
Speaker 2:Jeng-Min Chiou, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Email:
Title:Modeling Dependent Functional Data
Speaker 3: Yin Xia, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Email:
Title:Two-Sample Tests for High-Dimensional Linear Regression with an Application to Gene
and Environment Interactions

Speaker 4:Dong Wang, Rutgers University, Email:
Title:Functional Bilinear Regression with Matrix Covariates via Reproducing Kernel Hilbert   Space with Applications in Neuroimaging Data Analysis

8. ICSA-Biometrics Section Sponsored Invited Session:  “Recent Progress in Personalized Medicine”

Organizers: Yingqi Zhao, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Email: and Donglin Zeng, University of North Carolina, Email:

 Chair: Donglin Zeng, University of North Carolina, Email:

Speaker 1:   Ying Lu, Stanford University, Email:

Title: A New Overall-Subgroup Simultaneous Test for Optimal Inference in  Biomarker-Targeted Confirmatory Trials

Speaker 1: Bibhas Chakraborty, Duke-NUS, Email:
Title:SMART Design with Adaptive Randomization
Speaker 2:Ruoqing Zhu, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Email:
Title: Tree-based Censoring Imputation for Personalized Medicine

Speaker 4: Baqun Zhang, Renmin University, Email:
Title : Estimating Optimal Treatment Regimes from a Classification Perspective


9.Some Recent Research in Statistical Process Control

Organizers and Char:Peihua Qiu, University of Florida, Email:

Speaker 1:Guido Masarotto, University of Padua, Italy, Email:
Title:Detecting Changes on Basal Body Temperature
Speaker 2: Giovanna Capizzi, University of Padua, Italy, Email:
Title:Efficient Control Chart Calibration by Simulated Stochastic Approximation    
Speaker 3:Longcheen Huwang, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, Email:
Title:Profile Monitoring Based on Proportional Odds Models

Speaker 4:Jun Li, Renmin University, University of California at Riverside, Email:
Title : Nonparametric Dynamic Screening System for Monitoring Correlated Longitudinal Data

10.  Methods for Large and Complex Data with Structural Information

Organizers and Char:Cheng Yong Tang, Temple University, Email:

Speaker 1:Chenlei Leng, University of Warwick, Email:
Title:DECO: Consistent Sparse Estimation by Decorrelating Variables    

Speaker 2: Zemin Zheng, University of Science and Technology of China, 


Title: Scalable Interpretable Multi-Response Regression via SEED
Speaker 3: Yinfei Kong, California State University Fullerton, Email:
Title:  The Constrained Dantzig Selector with Enhanced Consistency

Speaker 4:Cheng Yong Tang, Temple University, Email:        
Title :Precision Matrix Estimation by Inverse Principal Orthogonal Decomposition