31. New Types of Designs for Computer Experiments

Organizer and Chair: Jianfeng Yang, Nankai University, Email:

Speaker 1: Xu He, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:  
Title: A Constructive Method for Generating Nearly Minimax Distance Designs 

Speaker 2: Tsai-Hung Fa, National Central University, Email:

Title: Bayesian Predictive Reliability Analysis of Gamma Degradation Processes with Random Effects

Speaker 3: Haiyan Liu, Fujian Normal University, Email:  
Title: A New Kind of Marginally Coupled Designs

Speaker 4: Yang Xue, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics,
Title: Construction of Column-Orthogonal Designs with Maximum Stratification 

32. Recent Topics in Survival Analysis

Organizer and Chair: Sangwook Kang, Yonsei University, Email:

Speaker 1: Sangbum Choi, The University of Texas Medical School at Houston,
Title:  Accelerated Intensity Models for Joint Analysis of Correlated Recurrent and Terminal
Speaker 2: Sangwook Kang, Yonsei University, Korea, Email:
Title: Fitting Accelerated Failure Time Models Using Calibrated Weights for Case-Cohort
Speaker 3: Jinheum Kim, University of Suwon, Korea, Email:
 Title:  Additive Hazards Model with Additive Frailty for Semi-competing Risks Data

Speaker 4: Jiajiang li, National University of Singapore, Email:
 Title: Survival Impact Index and Ultrahigh-dimensional Model-free Screening with Survival

33. Recent Advances in Biostatistical Methods
Organizer: Mei-Ling Ting Lee, University of Maryland, Email:
 Chair: Xin He, University of Maryland, Email:
Speaker 1: Bo Lu, Division of Biostatistics, The Ohio State University, Email:
Title: Causal Inference with Time-to-Event Data
Speaker 2: Yang Chang, US Census Bureau, Email:
Title: Optimal AK Composite Estimators in Current Population Survey
Speaker 3: Shuo Chen, University of Maryland; Email:
Title: Network induced large covariance matrix estimation
Speaker 4: Xinyi Xu, Department of Statistics, The Ohio State University, Email:
Title: Non-Gaussian Time Series Analysis with Nonparametric Bayesian Copula Models
34. Analysis of Time-to-event Data
Organizer and Chair: Mei-Ling Ting Lee, University of Maryland; Email:
Speaker 1: Grace Yang, University of Maryland, Email:
 Title: Length-Bias Correction in Estimating Lifetime Distributions

Speaker 2: (Tony) Jianguo Sun, University of Missouri, Email:

 Title: Regression Analysis of Bivariate Interval-censored Failure Time Data

Speaker 3: Shu-Hui Chang, National Taiwan University, Email:
Title: Analysis of longitudinal association patterns of recurrent gap times
Speaker 4: Xin He, University of Maryland, Email:
Title: Variable Selection for Penalized Threshold Regression
35. New Developments in Error Models and Observation Study
Organizer and Chair: Qihua Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:
Speaker 1: Grace Y Yi, University of Waterloo, Email:
Title: Analysis of Error-Contaminated Survival Data

Speaker 2:  Xinyu Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:
Title: Model Averaging in Linear Measurement Error Models

Speaker 3: Xiao-Hua Zhou, University of Washington, Email:
Title: Dealing with Truncation by Death in Causal Inference from Observational Data
Discussant: Hua Liang, George Washington University, Email:
36. New Challenges in High-Dimensional Statistics

Organizer: Qihua Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:

Chair: Liping Zhu, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics,Email:

Speaker 1: Xinbing Kong, Suzhou University, Email: 
Title: How Many Common Driving Brownian Motions Latent in High-Dimensional Ito Process
at High Frequencies?
Speaker 2: Changliang Zou, Nankai University, Email:
Title: Hypothesis Testing for the Number of Signals in High-Dimensional Data with Application
to Surveillance of Multiple Datastreams
Speaker 3: Qingzhao Zhang, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Email:
Title: Promoting Similarity of Sparsity Structures in Integrative Analysis with Penalization
Speaker 4: Bingqing Lin, Shenzhen University, Email:
Title: Stable Prediction in High-Dimensional Linear Models
37. Some New Tests for Some New Statistical Problems
Organizer: Qihua Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:
Chair: Changliang Zou, Nankai University, Email:
Speaker 1: Suojin Wang, Texas A&M University, Email:
Title: A New Nonparametric Test for Checking the Equality of the Correlation Structures of Two
Time Series

Speaker 2: Zhihua Sun, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:
Title: Consistent Test of Moderate or High Dimensional Parametric Models with Right-censored

Speaker 3: Xiaobo Ding, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:
 Title: Non-parametric Test for Equality of Distributions of High-Dimensional Data

Speaker 4: Jun Zhang, Shenzhen University, Email:
Title: Partially Linear Additive Models with Unknown Link Functions

38. Recent Advances on Extreme Values
Organizer and Chair: Huiyan Sang, Texas A&M University, Email:
Speaker 1: Yimin Xiao, Michigan State University, Email:
Title: Excursion Probabilities of Bivariate Gaussian Random Fields
Speaker 2: Deyuan Li, Fudan University, Email:
Title: Estimation of High Quantile with Quantile Autoregression Model

Speaker 3: Mike Ka Pui SO, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,Email:
Title: Extreme Value Modeling via Copulas

Speaker 4: Zhuo Wang, Shenzhen University, Email:

Title:  Optimal Fingerprinting in Detection and Attribution of Changes in Climate Extremes with
Combined Score Equations

39. CIPS Sponsored Invited Session: “Ecological Statistics”

Organizer and Chair: Wen-Han Hwang, National Chung-Hsing University,


Speaker 1: Changxuan Mao, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 

Title: When the Log-Linear Models Produce Lower Bounds?

Speaker 2: Yan Wang, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Email:
Title: Exploration of the Link among Methodologies for Presence-only Data

Speaker 3: Guoqi Qian, The University of Melbourne, Email:
 Title: Sequential Monte Carlo of Dynamic Network for Animal Population Estimation

Speaker 4: Wen-Han Hwang, National Chung-Hsing University, Email:

Title: Estimation in Closed Capture-Recapture Models with Covariates Measurement Errors 
 and Missing Data

40. IASC Sponsored Invited Session: “Modern Statistical Modelling and Computational
Methods for Complex Data”

Organizer: Ying Chen, National University of Singapore, Email:

Chair: Chun-houh Chen, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica,Email:

Speaker 1: Yingcun Xia, National University of Singapore, Email:
Title: Asymmetric Conditional Correlations in Stock Returns

Speaker 2: Qi-Wei Yao, London School of Economics, Email:
Title: High Dimensional and Banded Vector Autoregressions

Speaker 3: Stephan Huckemann, Georgia Augusta University Goettingen, Email:
Title: PCA Methods on Polyspheres

Speaker 4: Masahiro Kuroda, Okayama University of Science, Email:
Title: Acceleration of Convergence of the Alternating Least Squares Algorithm for Mixed
 Measurement Level Multivariate Data