41. Recent Advances in the Analysis of Survival and High-Dimensional Data
Organizer and Chair: Abidemi K. Adeniji, EMD Serono, Email:

Speaker 1:  Andy Ni, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Email:

Title: Tuning Parameter Selection in Cox Proportional Hazards Model with a Diverging Number
of Parameters

Speaker 2: Yanyan Liu, Wuhan University, Email:
Title: Model-Free Feature Screening via Correlation Rank for Ultrahigh-Dimensional Survival

Speaker 3:  Fangshu Ou, Mayo Clinic, Email:

Title: Quantile Regression Models for Interval-Censored Failure Time Data

Speaker 4:  Anru Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Email:

Title: Estimation of High-dimensional Covariance Matrices with Incomplete Data

Speaker 5:  Abidemi K. Adeniji, EMD Serono, Email:

Title: Estimation of Discrete Survival Function through the Modeling of Diagnostic Accuracy 
for Mismeasured Outcome Data

42.  Biostatistical Research in University of Florida

Organizer and Chair: Peihua Qiu, University of Florida, Email:

Speaker 1: Babette Brumback, University of Florida, Email:

Title: Using Structural-Nested Models to Estimate the Effect of Cluster-Level Adherence on
Individual-Level Outcomes with a Three-Armed Cluster-Randomized Trial

Speaker 2: Somnath Datta, University of Florida, Email:

Title: Marginal Regression Models for Clustered Count Data Based on Zero-Inflated Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution with Applications

Speaker 3: Susmita Datta, University of Florida, Email:

Title: Improved Protein Inference from Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data

Speaker 4: Samuel Wu, University of Florida, Email:
Title: Adaptive Multi-factor Multi-stage Clinical Trial Methods
43.  Statistical Process Control Research in China

Organizer and Chair: Peihua Qiu, University of Florida, Email:

Speaker 1: Kaibo Wang, Tsinghua University, Email:

Title: Statistical Surface Monitoring by Spatial-Structure Modeling

Speaker 2: Wendong Li, East China Normal University, Email:

Title: A Distribution-free Charting Scheme for Time-to-Failure Data Using Conditional Rank

Speaker 3: Xingfang Huang, Southeast University, Email:

Title: Profiles Monitoring by Semi-parameter Single-index Model

Speaker 4: Peihua Qiu, University of Florida, Email:

Title: Spatio-Temporal Monitoring of Disease Incidence Data

44. Advanced Statistical Methods for Complex Observational Studies

Organizer: Jianwen Cai, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Email:
Chair: Wenli Deng, Jiangxi Normal University, Email:

Speaker 1: Yu Shen, Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Email:
Title: Statistical Challenge in Analyzing Data from Observational Studies 

Speaker 2: Xiaofei Wang, Duke University, Email: 
Title: Marginal Treatment Effect Estimation of Survival Endpoints in Observational Studies

Speaker 3: Guoyou Qin, Fudan University, Email:

Title: Multiply Robust Estimation of Generalized Linear Model for Longitudinal Data with Dropouts

Speaker 4: Huiman Barnhart, Duke University, Email:

Title: Assessing Agreement/Reliability with Relative Area under the Coverage Probability Curve

45. New Developments in Statistical Methods for Recurrent Event and Survival Analysis

Organizer: Jianwen Cai, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Email:

Chair: Fangshu Ou, Mayo Clinic, Email:

Speaker 1: Mei Cheng Wang, Johns Hopkins University, Email: 

Title: Forward and Backward Recurrent Marker Processes in the Presence of Competing
Terminal Events

Speaker 2: Yuanshan Wu, Wuhan University, Email: 

Title: Mean Residual Life Time with a Survival Fraction

Speaker 3: Chiung-Yu Huang, Johns Hopkins University, Email:

Title: Joint Scale-Change Models for Recurrent Events and Failure Time


Speaker 4: Wenli Deng, Jiangxi Normal University, Email:

Title: Semiparametric Estimation Method for Accelerated Failure Time Model with Dependent Censoring

46. Statistical Methods for Big Data

Organizer: Jianwen Cai, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Email:

Chair: Yanyan Liu, Wuhan University, Email:

Speaker 1: Quefeng Li, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Email:

Title: Embracing Blessing of Dimensionality in Factor Models

Speaker 2: Xiaolin Chen, China University of Petroleum, Email: 

Title: Feature Screening for Ultrahigh-Dimensional Sparse Additive Hazards Model by the
Sparsity-Restricted Estimator

Speaker 3: Min Zhang, University of Michigan,  Email: 

Title: C-learning: a New Classification Framework to Estimate Optimal Dynamic Treatment

Speaker 4: Mengjie Chen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,

Title: Statistical Methods for Single Cell Sequencing Data

47. Recent Development in Statistical Methods for Clinical and Survey Designs

Organizer and Chair: Ying Wei, Columbia University, Email:

Speaker 1: Qixuan Chen, Columbia University, Email:
Title: Bayesian Predictive Inference for Finite Population Quantiles in Skewed Survey Data

Speaker 2: Feifang Hu, George Washington University, Email:

Title: A Unified Family of Covariate-Adjusted Response-Adaptive Designs Based on Efficiency
and Ethics

Speaker 3: Min Qian, Columbia University, Email:
Title: Building personalized treatment regimens from SMART studies

Speaker 4: Ken Cheng, Columbia University,
Title: SMART Design with Adaptive Randomization
48. Novel Approaches to Genomics and Computational Molecular Evolution

Organizer: Lynn Kuo, University of Connecticut, Email: 

Chair: Marc A. Suchard, Biostatistics and Human Genetics David Geffen School of Medicine University of California at Los Angeles Los Angeles, Email:

Speaker 1: Zheyang Wu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Email:
Title: Optimal Methods for Detecting Weak and Sparse Signals Based on Correlated Features in 
Genetic Association Studies

Speaker 2: Haim Bar, University of Connecticut, Email:

Title: A Scalable Empirical Bayes Approach to Variable Selection

Speaker 3: Forrest Crawford, Yale University, Email:

Title: Estimation for Markov Counting Models in Molecular Evolution

Speaker 4: Lynn Kuo, University of Connecticut, Email: 

Title:Marginal Likelihoods of Phylogenetic Variable Tree Topology Models Using a Posterior Sample

49. Recent Developments in Meta-Analysis

Organizer : Jing Zhang, University of Maryland, Email:

Chair:  Dungang Liu, University of Cincinnati, Email:

Speaker 1: Minge Xie, Rutgers University, Email: 

Title: “Nonparametric” Meta-Analysis with Unknown Study-specific Parameters

Speaker 2: Haitao Chu, University of Minnesota, Email:

Title: Alternative Measures of Between-Study Heterogeneity in Meta-Analysis: Reducing the
Impact of Outlying Studies

Speaker 3: Yong Chen, University of Pennsylvania, Email:

Title: Testing and Adjusting for Publication Bias in Meta-analysis through Copas Selection


Speaker 4:  Yi Huang, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Email:

Title: Marginal Meta- Analysis for Combining Multiple Randomized Clinical Trials

          with Rare Events


50. Statistical Methods for High-Dimensional Correlated Data

Organizer: Tong Tong Wu, University of Rochester, Email:

Chair: Xing Qiu, University of Rochester, Email:

Speaker 1: Yuexiao Dong, Temple University, Email:
Title: Sufficient Dimension Reduction with Multivariate Responses

Speaker 2: Yumou Qiu, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Email:
Title: Statistical Inference on the Structures of Large Precision Matrices with Dependent Data

Speaker 3: Xing Qiu, University of Rochester, Email:
Title: A Time Course Inferential Framework for Gene Set Enrichment Analysis Based on Functional Elastic-net Regression

Speaker 4: Xueya Cai, University of Rochester, Email:

Title: Interim Monitoring of Longitudinal Outcomes in Clinical Trials