51. Some New Advances in Failure Time Data Analysis

Organizer: (Tony) Jianguo Sun, University of Missouri, Email:

 Chair: Hui Zhao, Central China Normal University, Email:

Speaker 1: Yanqing Feng, Wuhan University, Email:
Title: Local Partial-Likelihood Estimation for Varying Coefficient Hazard Models and Current
Status Data

Speaker 2: Chunjie Wang, Jilin Technology University, Email: 

Title: A Joint Modeling Approach for Analyzing Multivariate Current Status Failure Time Data 
 with Latent Risk Factors

Speaker 3: Na Hu, Boehringer-Ingelheim, China, Email:

Title: Regression Analysis of Length-Biased and Right-Censored Failure Time Data with Missing Covariates

Speaker 4: Peijie Wang, Jilin University, Email:

Title: Regression Analysis of Case K Interval-censored Failure Time Data in the Presence of
Informative Censoring

Speaker 5:  Ingrid Van Keilegom, Université catholique de Louvain, Email:
Title: Inference in a Survival Cure Model with Mismeasured Covariates Using a SIMEX Approach
52.  Statistical Methods in the Analysis of Large-Scale Imaging and Network Data

Organizer and Chair: Peter Song, University of Michigan, Email:

Speaker 1: Rui Xiao, University of Pennsylvania, Email:

Title: The Benefit of Using Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Claims Data in Pediatric Clinical Research

Speaker 2: Ji Zhu, University of Michigan, Email:

Title: Estimating Network Edge Probabilities by Neighborhood Smoothing

Speaker 3: Jian Kang, University of Michigan, Email:

Title: Feature Screening for Longitudinal Imaging Data

Speaker 4: Yan Zhou, Merck & Co., Email:

Title: A Joint Modeling Approach for Directed Acyclic Network Data

53.  New Advanced in the Analysis of Complex Correlated Data

Organizer: Peter Song, University of Michigan, Email:

Chair: Abdel-Salam Gomaa, Qatar University, Email:

Speaker 1: Xinyuan Song, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Email:
Title: Analysis of Proportional Mean Residual Life Model with Latent Variables

Speaker 2: Oyelola A. Adegboye, Qatar University, Email:

Title: Spatial Modeling of Anisotropic Covariance Structure in Infectious Disease Surveillance

Speaker 3: Xiaoming Huo, Georgia Institute of Technology, Email:

Title: Distributed Statistical Inference and Asymptotic Guarantees

Speaker 4: Fei Wang, Global Analytics, Ford Motor Credit, Email:

Title: Merging Multiple Longitudinal Studies with Study-specific Missing Covariates:  A Joint Estimating Function Approach

54.   New Development in Statistical Learning

Organizer: Peter Song, University of Michigan, Email:

Chair: Fei Wang, University of Michigan, Email:

Speaker 1: Anqi Zhao, Harvard University, Email: 

Title: Neyman-Pearson Classification under High-Dimensional Settings

Speaker 2: Peng Zhang, Zhejiang University, Email:

Title: Clustering Analysis of Sparse Categorical Data with Weighted Similarity

Speaker 3: Abdel-Salam Gomaa, Qatar University, Email:

Title: Novel Semiparametric Control Charts for Phase I Profile Monitoring via the LM Model

Speaker 4: Xijian Hu, Xinjiang University, Email:

Title: Spatiotemporal Varying Coefficient Model

55. New Methods for Variable Selection and Big Data for Normal, Non-normal, and Time
to Event Outcomes

Organizers: Xiaoling Peng, BNU-HKBU United International College, Email,

 Zhihua Sun, Ocean University of China, Email:

Chair: Can Yang, Hong Kong Baptist University, Email:

Speaker 1: Zhihua Sun, Ocean University of China, Email:

Title: Feature Selection in High-Dimensional Survival Data with Linear Regression

Speaker 2: Xiaoling Peng, BNU-HKBU United International College, Email:

Title: An Iterative L0-based Regularization Algorithm for Generalized Linear Models

Speaker 3: Hong Wang, Central South University, Email:

Title: Rotation Survival Forest for Right Censored Data

Discussant: Gang Li, University of California at Los Angeles, Email:

56. Advances in Applied Statistical Methods

Organizer: Mei-Ling Ting Lee, University of Maryland, Email:

Chair: Li Jialiang, National University of Singapore, Email;

Speaker 1: Teresa Oliveria, University of Alberta, Portugal, Email:
Title: Experimental Design in Health Sciences

Speaker 2: Tsung-Chi Cheng, National Cheng-Chi University, Email:

Title: Robust diagnostics for mixed continuous and categorical data with missing values

Speaker 3: Kuang-Fu Cheng, Taipei Medical University, Email:

Title: Model-free Method for Detecting Disease Association Signals with Multiple Genetic Varirants and Covariates

Speaker 4: Weiliang Qiu, Harvard University, Email: stwxq@channing.harvard,edu

Title: Investigating Differential Variability for DNA Methylation Data

57.  Lifetime Data Analysis Special Invited Session

Organizer: Mei-Ling Ting Lee, University of Maryland, Email:
Chair: Tao Xiao, Shenzhen University, Email:

Speaker 1: Kuang-Kuo Gordon Lan, Janssen R&D, Email:

Title: Design and Data Analysis of Multi-regional Clinical Trials

Speaker 2: Chen-Hsin Chen, Academia Sinica, Email:

Title: A Generalized Mover-Stayer Model with Multi-Path Progressions in Analysis of Chronic
Diseases Adjusting for Age at the Study Entry

Speaker 3: Jing Ning, University of Texas,

Title: Statistical Inference on Right-censored Length-biased Data

Speaker 4: Yan Li, University of Maryland, Email:

Title: Using Threshold Regression to Analyze Survival Data from Complex Surveys: With
Application to Mortality Linked NHANES III Phase II Genetic Data

58. Genomics and Big data

Organizer and Chair: Mei-Ling Ting Lee, University of Maryland, Email:

Speaker 1: Ker-Chau Li, Academia Sinica, Email:

Title: Multimode Data Analytics in Lung Cancer Genomics

Speaker 2: George Tseng, University of Pittsburgh, Email:

Title: Integrative Multi-omics Clustering for Disease Subtype Discovery by Sparse Overlapping
Group Lasso and Tight Clustering

Speaker 3: Hsin-Chou Yang, Academia Sinica, Email:


Speaker 4: Shili Lin, Ohio State University, Email:

Title: Statistical Inference for Chromatin 3D Structure

59. New Methods for Analyzing Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data 

Organizer and Chair: Bo Li, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,Email:

Speaker 1: Emily Kang, University of Cincinnati, Email:

Title: Spatial Downscaling of Large Data with Nonstationary Covariance Modeling

Speaker 2: Emilio Porcu, University Federico Santa Maria, Chile, Email:

Title: Space-Time Covariances over Spheres 

Speaker 3: Huijing Jiang, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Email:
Title:  A Practical Approach to Spatio-Temporal Analysis 

Speaker 4: Hao Zhang, Purdue University;
Title:  The Role of Covariances in Spatial Statistics

60. Recent Advances in the Developments of Graphical and Network Models

Organizer: Woncheol Jang, Seoul National University, Email:

Chair: Joong-Ho Won, Seoul National University, Email:

Speaker 1: Li Ma, Duke University, Email:

Title: Graphical Multi-Resolution Scanning for Analysis of Distributional Variation


Speaker 2: Yuguo Chen, University of Illinois, Email:

Title: Consistent Community Detection in Multi-Relational Data through Multi-Layer Stochastic Blockmodel


Speaker 3: Jiashun Jin, Carnegie Mellon University, Email:

Title: Community Detection by SCORE, with Applications to Coauthorship and Citation
Networks for Statisticians

Speaker 4: Woncheol Jang, Seoul National University, Email:

Title: Network Analysis of Cosponsorships in the National Assembly of Korea