61. Advances and Novel Applications of Robust Nonparametric Statistics

Organizer: Qing Pan, George Washington University, Email:

Chair: Wendy Lou, University of Toronto, Email:


Speaker 1: Zonghui Hu, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease,  Email:

Title: Non-parametric Mixed-effects Model to Evaluate the Association of Temporal Trends in

  Biomarkers for HIV Progression

Speaker 2: Huixia Judy Wang, George Washington University, Email: 

Title: Automatic Shape-constrained Nonparametric Regression

Speaker 3: Yunpeng Zhao, George Mason University, Email:

Title: Community Extraction for Networks with Node Covariates via Pseudo-likelihood Method

Speaker 4: Yinglei Lai, George Washington University, Email:
Title: Nonparametric Robust Statistics and Outlier Reset CUSUM for the Exploration of Copy
Number Alteration Data

62. Boundary Crossing Probability for Brownian Motion and Related Processes and Their
Organizer and Chair: Wendy Lou, University of Toronto, Email:

Speaker 1: Jinghai Shao, Beijing Normal University, Email:

Title: Boundary Crossing Probability for Diffusion processes.

Speaker 2: Liqun Wang, University of Manitoba, Email:

Title: First Passage Time for Brownian Motion and Piecewise Linear Boundaries

Speaker 3: Cheng-Der Fuh, National Central University, Taiwan, 


Title: Multidimensional Boundary Crossing Problems with Applications

Speaker 4: James C. Fu, University of Manitoba, Email:

 Title: Boundary Crossing Probabilities for High-Dimensional Brownian Motion

63. IASC Sponsored Invited Session: “Bayesian Approaches for Nonparametric and
High-Dimensional Models”

Organizer and Chair:  Jaeyong Lee, Seoul National University, Email:

Speaker 1: Chae Young Lim, Seoul National University, Email:

Title: Bayesian Time Series Regression Analysis with Nonparametric Modeling of

Speaker 2: Taeyoung Park, Yonsei University, Email:

Title: Bayesian Semiparametric Inference on Functional Relationships in Linear Mixed Models

Speaker 3: Keunbaik Lee, Sungkyunkwan University, Email: 

Title: Dynamic Linear Mixed Models with General Random Effects Covariance

Speaker 4: Kyoungjae Lee, Seoul National University, Email :

Title: Optimal Rate of the Posterior for Unconstrained Large Covariance Matrices

64. Recent Advances in Causal Inference

Organizer and Chair: Wendy Lou, University of Toronto, Email:

Speaker 1:  Robert Platt, McGill University, Email:

Title:  Some Challenges in Causal inference in Large, Sparse Administrative Data

Speaker 2: Tibor Schuster, McGill University, Email:
Title: No Unmeasured and Correctly Modelled Effect Modifiers - Implications for Confounding

   Control in Causal Inference

Speaker 3: Mireille Schnitzer, Université de Montréal, Email
Title:  Targeted Learning and the Usage of Collaborative Robustness for Model and Variable

Speaker 4: Olli Saarela, University of Toronto, Email:
Title: A New Weighted Partial Likelihood Method for Estimating Marginal Structural Hazard

65. ICSA-New England Chapter Sponsored Invited Session: “Structured Dimension 
      Reduction: Estimation, Inference and Model Diagnostics”

Organizers: Jun Yan, University of Connecticut, Email:, and
Kun Chen, University of Connecticut, Email:
Chair: Shujie Ma, University of California Riverside, Email:

Speaker 1: Lixing Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist University, Email: 
Title: A Dimension Reduction Adaptive-to-Model Test for Parametric Single-Index Models

Speaker 2: Yanyuan Ma, University of South Carolina, Email:
Title: A Geometric View to Linearity and Constant Variance Conditions

Speaker 3: Stéphane Guerrier, University of Illinois at Urbana-Chapaign,  Email:
Title:  Simulation based Bias Correction Methods for Complex Models

Speaker 4: Shujie Ma, University of California Riverside, Email:
Title: A Concave Pairwise Fusion Approach to Subgroup Analysis

66.  Methodologies for Correlated Survival Data

Organizer and Chair: Liming Xiang, Nanyang Technological University,

Speaker 1: IL Do Ha, Pukyong National University, South Korea, Email:
Title: Frailty Modelling Approaches for Semi-competing Risks Data

Speaker 2:Zsolt Szabo, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore,
Title: A sieve semiparametric maximum likelihood estimation method for accelerated hazard model with interval censored data

Speaker 3: Shanshan Wang, Beihang University, China,
Title: Penalized Empirical Likelihood Inference for Sparse Additive Hazards Regression with a Diverging Number of Covariates

Speaker 4: Siyang Wang, Central University of Finance and Economics, China,
Title: Generalized M-Estimation for the Accelerated Failure Time Model

67. Statistics and Its Inference (SII) Special Invited Session: “Modeling and Analysis of Spatially and/or Temporally Correlated Data”

Organizer and Chair: Heping Zhang, Yale University, Email:

Speaker 1:  Yazhen Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Email:
Title: Volatility Analysis for High-Frequency Financial Data

Speaker 2: Bingyi Jing, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
Title: Statistical Analysis of Sparse Networks

Speaker 3: Yuehua Wu, York University, Email:

Title: Spatio-Temporal Modelling

Speaker 4: Hua Liang, George Washington University, Email:

Title: Selection Strategy for Covariance Structure of Random Effects in Linear Mixed-Effects Models

68. ICSA-Midwest Chapter Sponsored Invited Session: “Recent Developments in Survival
      Analyses and Applications in Clinical Trials”

Organizer: Yimei Li, University of Pennsylvania, Email:
Chair: Haoda Fu, Eli Lilly and Company, Email:

Speaker 1: Yimei Li, University of Pennsylvania, Email:
Title: A Weibull Multi-State Model for the Dependence of Progression Free Survival and
Overall Survival

Speaker 2: Haoda Fu, Eli Lilly and Company, Email:
Title: Estimate Variable Importance for Recurrent Event Outcomes with an Application to
Identify Hypoglycemia Risk Factors

Speaker 3: Chen Hu, Johns Hopkins University, Email:
Title:  Using Multistate Models for Late-Stage Oncology Clinical Trial Development

Speaker 4: Wei-Ting Hwang, University of Pennsylvania, Email:
Title: Estimating Predictive Value of Continuous Markers for Censored Survival Data: A
Likelihood Ratio Approach

69. Statistical Methods for Detecting Weak and Simultaneous Signals

Organizer and Chair: Jichun Xie, Duke University, Email:

Speaker 1: Jessie Jeng, North Carolina State University, Email:
Title: Detecting Weak Signals in GWAS and Sequencing Studies

Speaker 2: Dave Zhao, University of Illinois, Email:
Title: False Discovery Rate Control for Discovering Simultaneous Signals

Speaker 3: Jian Huang, University of Iowa, Email:

Title: Estimating Subgroup Specific Treatment Effects via Concave Group Fusion

Speaker 4: Jun Chen, Mayo Clinic, Email:

Title: A Statistical Framework for Integrating the Phylogenetic Tree in the Analysis Of
Microbiome Data

70. Statistical Methods for Modeling Complex Dependency Structures

Organizer and Chair: Dave Zhao, University of Illinois, Email:

Speaker 1: Ali Shojaie, University of Washington, Email:
Title: Graphical Model Estimation in Heterogenous Populations

Speaker 2: Jichun Xie, Duke University, Email:
Title: Multiple Testing for General Dependence by Quantile-Based Contingency Tables

Speaker 3: Hongzhe Li, University of Pennsylvania, Email:
Title:  Estimation of Species Network through Low Rank Matrix Decomposition

Speaker 4: Zhi Wei, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Email:

Title: Graphical Latent Regression-Multinomial Mixture for Modeling Complex Dependence