91. New Inferential Procedures in Semiparametric Regression Models

Organizer and Chair: Jinfeng Xu, the University of Hong Kong, Email:

Speaker 1: Heng Lian, University of New South Wales, Email: 

Title: Nonconvex Penalized Reduced Rank Regression and Its Oracle Properties

Speaker 2: Zhen Pang, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Title: Cluster Feature Selection in High Dimensional Linear Models

Speaker 3: Zhouping Li, Lanzhou University, Email: 
Title: On Nonsmooth Estimating Functions via Jackknife Empirical Likelihood

Speaker 4: Jinfeng Xu, the University of Hong Kong, Email:  

Title: Semiparametric Inferences in the Censored Regression Models

92. Joint Modeling in Clinical Trials

Organizer: Zhigang Li, Dartmouth College, Email:

Chair: Tao Yu, National University of Singapore, Email:

Speaker 1: Gang Li, University of California at Los Angeles, Email:

Title: Statistical Challenges in Longitudinal Studies with Non-ignorable Missing Data

Speaker 2: Zhangsheng Yu, SJTU-Yale Joint Center of Biostatistics, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Email:

Title: Simultaneous Variable Selection for Joint Models of Longitudinal and Survival Outcomes

Speaker 3: Sheng Luo, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston,

Title: Dynamic Prediction for Multiple Repeated Measures and Event Time Data: an Application
to Parkinson's Disease

Speaker 4: Zhigang Li, Dartmouth College, Email:

Title: A Semiparametric Joint Model for Longitudinal Data and Survival in End-of-Life
Research Trials

93. Recent Advances on ODE/PDE Modeling and Its Applications

Organizer and Chair:  Xinping Cui, University of California, Riverside, Email:

Speaker 1:  Hulin Wu, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston,

Title: Extra High-Dimensional Linear ODE Model Selection and Parameter Estimation:
A Matrix-Based Approach

Speaker 2: Rongling Wu, Pennsylvania State University, Email:

Title: How Genes Coordinate Competition and Cooperation: New Insight by Integrating
Functional Mapping and Evolutionary Game Theory

Speaker 3: Nicolas Brunel, Universite d'Evry, France, Email:

Title: Inference of Mis-specified Ordinary Differential Equation by Sensitivity Regression

Speaker 4:  Chenwei Tian, University of California, Riverside, Email:

Title: Partial Differential Equation Based Spatial Tempo Cell Polarity Model and Parameter 

94. Novel Statistical Methods in the Era of Big Data

Organizer and Chair:  Ping Ma, University of Georgia, Email:

Speaker 1: Yuedong Wang, University of California - Santa Barbara, Email:

 Title: Spline Smoothing with Large Data

Speaker 2: Hongyu Zhao, Yale University, Email:

Title: Gene Regulation Network Inference with Joint Sparse Gaussian Graphical Models

Speaker 3: Wenxuan Zhong, University of Georgia, Email:

Title: An Alignment-free Algorithm for Metagenomics Analysis

Speaker 4: Rong Chen, Rutgers University, Email:
Title: Importance Sampling with Adaptive Mixture Proposals

95. Nonignorable Missing Data

Organizer: Jun Shao, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Email:

 Chair: Zhou Yu, East China Normal University, Email:

Speaker 1: Xuening Zhu, Peking University, Email:

Title: Spatial Covariance Function with Stochastic Volatility

Speaker 2: Niansheng Tang, Yunnan University, Email:
Title: Semiparametric Estimating Equations Inference with Nonignorable Missing Data

Speaker 3: Fang Fang, East China Normal University, Email:
Title: Likelihood Adjusted for Nonignorable Missing Covariate Values with Unspecified
Propensity in Generalized Linear Models

Speaker 4: Jun Shao, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Email:
Title: Recent Advances in Handling Nonignorable Nonresponse
96. Statistics and Causal Inference: Where Are We and Where Are We Heading?  

Organizer and Chair: James Robins, Harvard University, Email:

Speaker 1: Miao Wang, Peking University, Email:

Title: Identifying Causal Effects with Negative Controls

Speaker 2: Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen, Harvard University, Email:
Title: Negative Outcome Control of Unobserved Confounding

Speaker 3: James Robins, Harvard University, Email:
Title:  Statistical Methods for Causal Inference and Missing Data: Similarities and Difference
and What the Differences Have to Teach Us

Speaker 4: Stijn Vansteelandt, Ghent University, Belgium, Email:
Title:  Bias-reduced Double-robust Estimation

97. Data Optimization and Risk Control

Organizer and Chair: Xianping Guo, Sun Yat-sen University, Email:

Speaker 1: Zhi Bing Liang, Nanjing Normal University, Email:
Title: Some Optimization Problems for the Risk Model with Dependence Structure

Speaker 2: Qiu Li Liu, South China Normal University, Email:
Title: Discrete Time Zero-Sum Markov Games with First Passage Criteria

Speaker 3: Shi Bin Zhang, Shanghai Maritime University, Email:
Title: Adaptive Spectral Estimation for Non-Stationary Multivariate Time Series

Speaker 4: Xianping Guo,  Sun Yat-sen, Email:
Title: The AVaR Optimization Problems for semi-Markov Decision Processes

98.  ISBA Sponsored Invited Session: “Theory and Applications of Bayesian

Organizer: Michele Guindani, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,
Chair: Alexandra Mello Schmidt, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Email:

Speaker 1: Mingyuan Zhou, University of Texas at Austin, Email:
Title: Infinite Convolution of Experts Logistic Regression

Speaker 2: Surya Tokdar, Duke University, Email:
Title: Sparsity Structures for Nonparametric Regression

Speaker 3:Jaeyong Lee, Seoul National University, Email:
Title: Optimal Bayesian Minimax Rate for Unconstrained Large Covariance Matrices

Speaker 4: Igor Prünster, Bocconi University, Italy, Email:
Title: Dependent Random Measures in Bayesian Nonparametrics

99.  Special Invited Panel Session: “Leadership by Statisticians in Drug Development”

Organizer and Moderator: James Pan, Johnson & Johnson, Email:

1.Dejun Tang, Head, Analytics China, Novartis Pharma, Email:

2.Gang Chen, CSO & SVP, R&G PharmaStudies Co., Ltd,  Email:

3.Anny-Yue Yin, Associate Director, Biostatistics, Roche PD-Shanghai


4.Wei Shen, Senior Director, Global Statistical Sciences, Eli Lilly and Company,

5.Cyrus Hoseyni, Vice President, Global Head of Statistics & Decision Sciences, Johnson & Johnson, Email:
100.  Recent Developments in Handling Multiplicity: Error Rates and Inference on

Organizer: James Pan, Johnson & Johnson, Email:

Chair: Haiyan Xu, Johnson & Johnson, Email: 

Speaker 1: Kentaro Sakamaki, Yokohama City University, Email:
Title: A Group Sequential Closed Testing Procedure Based on Simes Test for Clinical Trials with Multiple Objectives

Speaker 2: James Pan, Johnson & Johnson, Email:

Title: Errors in Multiple Testing Big and Small, More or Less

Speaker 3: Szu-Yu Tang, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (Roche Group),
Title: Inference on Subgroups and All-comers Cognizant of Logical Relationships Among
Efficacy Parameters

Speaker 4: Ying Ding, University of Pittsburgh, Email:  
Title: Logical Inference on Treatment Efficacy in Subgroups and Their Mixtures