111. Big data in Drug Development

Organizers: Tony Guo, Merck & Co., Email: and Ivan Chan, Merck & Co., Email:
Chair: Tony Guo, Merck & Co., Email:

Speaker 1: Feng Chen, Nanjing Medical University, Email:
Title: Construction of Disease Prediction Model Based on OMICs Data

Speaker 2: Xiaoqiao Liu, MSD China, Email:

Title: Analyze Cancer-Immune Genomics Data to Explore Predictive Biomarker for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor

Speaker 3: Gang Li, Johnson & Johnson, Email:

Title: Real World Data in Pharmaceutical Development

Discussant 1: Qin Huang, CFDA CDE, Email:
Discussant 2: Nicole Li, Roche, Email:

Discussant 3: Tong Guo, Bayer, Email:

112.  Recent Developments in Measurement Error Models and Clustering Detection

Organizer: Mário de Castro Andrade Filho, Univesidade de São Paulo,Email:

Chair: Francisco Louzada Neto, Univesidade de São Paulo, Email:

Speaker 1: Celso Rômulo Barbosa Cabral, Universidade Federal do Amazonas, Email:
Title: A Multivariate Student-t Regression Model with Measurement Errors for Censored Data

Speaker 2: Bin Luo, Western University, Canada, Email:

Title: Nonparametric Statistical Tools for Genome-Wide Detection of Clustering and Spatial

  Association among Mutations under a Microarray Probe Sampling System

Speaker 3:  Mário de Castro Andrade Filho, Univesidade de São Paulo, Email:

Title: Robust Inference in a Linear Functional Model with Replications Using the Student t Distribution

Discussant: Francisco Louzada Neto, Univesidade de São Paulo, Email:

113. Statistical Advances in Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics

Organizer: Yongseok Park, University of Pittsburgh, Email:
Chair: Zhengqing Ouyang, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Email:

Speaker 1: Yen-Tsung Huang, Institute of Statistical Science at Academia Sinica,
Title: Hypothesis Test of Mediation Effect in Causal Mediation Model with High-dimensional 
 Continuous Mediators
Speaker 2: Lin Zhang, University of Minnesota,
Title: Functional CAR Models for Large Spatially Correlated Functional Datasets
Speaker 3: Yongseok Park, University of Pittsburgh, Email:
Title: Integrative Clustering of Multi-level Omics Data for Disease Subtype Discovery Using
Sequential Double Regularization
Speaker 4: Zhengqing Ouyang, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine,
Title: Joint Modeling for RNA Structurome Inference
114. Advances in Bayesian Methods for Large Complex Data
Organizer and Chair: Faming Liang, University of Florida, Email:
Speaker 1: Qifan Song, Purdue University, Email:
Title: On Consistent Inference of High Dimensional Regression with Bayesian Shrinkage Prior
Speaker 2: Ick Hoon Jin, University of Notre Dame, Email:
Title:  A Bayesian Hierarchical Spatial Model for Dental Caries Assessment Using Non-
Gaussian Markov Random Fields
Speaker 3: Anindya Bhadra, Purdue University, Email:
Title:  Prediction Risk for Global-Local Shrinkage Regression
Speaker 4: Faming Liang, University of Florida,
Title: Bayesian Neural Networks for Precision Medicine
115. Emerging Statistical Issues in Clinical Research
Organizer and Chair: Bei Jiang, University of Alberta, Email:
Speaker 1: Eva Petkova, New York University, Email:
Title: Modeling Strategies for Developing Treatment Response Indices
Speaker 2: Thaddeus Tarpey, Wright State University, Email:
Title: Recent Advances in Personalized Medicine: Optimizing the Value of a Decision in
General Settings
Speaker 3: Cindy Xin Feng, University of Saskatchewan, Email:
Title: Modeling Spatially Correlated Survival Data in Hip Fracture among Residents from the
Long Term Care Facilities in BC, Canada
Speaker 4: Bei Jiang, University of Alberta, Email:
Title: Latent Class Modeling Using Matrix-Valued Covariates with Application to Identifying
Early Responders Based on EEG Signals
116.  New Advancements in Biostatistics
Organizer and Chair: Yi-Hau Chen, Academia Sinica, Email:
Speaker 1: Huazhen Lin, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics,
Title: A Semiparametrically Efficient Estimator of the Time-Varying Effects for Survival Data
with Time-Dependent Treatment
Speaker 2: Chyong-Mei Chen, National Yang-Ming University, Email:
Title: Semiparametric transformation Models for Interval-Censored Data with Longitudinal

Speaker 3:  Wei-Wen Hsu, Kansas State University, Email:
 Title: A Classification Method Based on Finite Mixture Models for Early Detection of Cancer

Speaker 4:  Hsin-wen Chang, Academia Sinica, Email:
Title: Tests for Stochastic Ordering under Biased Sampling
117. Biostatistics in Large Databases 
Organizer: Yi-Hau Chen, Academia Sinica, Email:
Chair: Kuang-Fu Cheng, Taipei Medical University, Email:

Speaker 1:  Fei Jiang, University of Hong Kong, Email:

Title: Functional Sufficient Dimension Reduction with Application to the Cardiovascular Disease Data

Speaker 2: Chang-I Chen, Taipei Medical University, Email: 
Title: Oncology and Disease-Disease Study - from Data-base Approach to Translation Research
Speaker 3:  Jin-Hua Chen, Taipei Medical University, Email:
Title: The Association between Autoimmune Disease and Dementia
Speaker 4:  Chung-Wei Shen, National Chung Cheng University, Email:
Title: Model Selection for Marginal Regression Analysis of Longitudinal Data with Missing
Observations and Covariate Measurement Error
118. Statistical Methods and Strategies in Interdisciplinary Studies
Organizer: Ke Deng, Tsinghua University, Email: Chair: Ping Ma, University of Georgia, Email:
Speaker 1: Ke Deng, Tsinghua University, Email:
Title: Synergetic Design for Micro Units of Metamaterial

Speaker 2: Hanzhong Liu, Tsinghua University, Email:

Title: Lasso Adjustments of Treatment Effect Estimates in Randomized Experiments

Speaker 3: Dong Li, Tsinghua University, Email:
Title: Network Analysis of High-Dimensional Time Series
Speaker 4: Sheng Yu, Tsinghua University, Email:
Title: Automated Feature Identification Using Online Knowledge and EMR Data

119. Causal Inference

Organizer: Jinzhu Jia, Peking University, Email:
Chair: Zhi Geng, Peking University, Email:

Speaker 1: Peng Ding, University of California, Berkeley, Email:
Title: Principal Stratification Analysis Using Principal Scores 

Speaker 2: Xueli Wang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,
Title: Selection of Variables for Estimation of the Causal Effects
Speaker 3: Yangbo He, Peking University, Email:
Title: Bayesian Learning of Markov Equivalence Classes of Directed Acyclic Graphs
Speaker 4: Jinzhu Jia, Peking University, Email:
Title: Selecting Confounding Variables via the Lasso
120. Contemporary Clinical Trials/Contemporary Clinical Trials Communication
Special Invited Session
Organizers: Zhezhen Jin, Co-editor of CCTC, Columbia University, Email:, and Zheng Su, Editor of CCT and Co-editor of CCTC, Deerfield Institute, Email:
Chair:  Zheng Su, Deerfield Institute, Email:
Speaker 1: Xiaolong Luo, Celgene Corporation, Email:
Title: Prediction of Long Term Outcome from Pathological Complete Response for Early
Breast Cancer
Speaker 2: Yunzhi Lin, Takeda Development Center Americas, Inc., Email:
Title: Robust Inference for Responder Analysis: Innovative Clinical Trial Design Using a
Minimum p-value Approach
Speaker 3: Ming Zhu, AbbVie Inc, Email:
Title: A Novel Statistics Combining Unstratified and Stratified Logrank Statistics
Discussant: Anny-Yue Yin, Email: