161.  Change-Point Detection and Related Topics
Organizer and Chair: Dong Han, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,Email:

Speaker 1: Jie Chen, Augusta University, Email: 

Title: A New Change Point Detection Method for Identifying DNA Copy Number

Variations Using NGS Read-Depth Data

Speaker 2: Wei Jiang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Email:
Title: Time-Weighted RTC Methods for Process Control

Speaker 3: Yajun Mei, Georgia Institute of Technology, Email:
Title: Scalable Sum-Shrinkage Schemes for Distributed Monitoring Large-Scale Data Streams

Speaker 4: Yanhong Wu, California State University Stanislaus, Email:
Title: Post-change Inference after Sequential Change-Point Detection in Panel Data Analysis

162. ICSA-Biometrics Section Sponsored Invited Session: “Biostatistical Research for Survival, Longitudinal and Multivariate Data”
Organizer and Chair: Mei-Cheng Wang, Johns Hopkins University, Email:
Speaker 1: Ana Ortega-Villa, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Branch, NICHD, NIH, USA,


Title: Latent Variable Approaches for Estimating Gestational Age from Longitudinal Anthropometric Measurements

Speaker 2:Jiawei Bai, Johns Hopkins University, Email:

Title: A Two-Stage Model for Wearable Device Data

Speaker 3: Myunghee Paik, Seoul National University, Email:
 Title: Cox Model with Interval-Censored Covariate Arising in Cohort Studies

Speaker 4: Joanna Shih, Biometric Research Branch, National Cancer Institutes, USA,
Title: Independence Tests and Inference on Rank Correlation for Clustered Data

163. New Challenges in Subgroup Analysis

Organizer: Frank Bretz, Novartis Pharma, Email:

Chair: Dong Xi, Novartis Pharma, Email:

Speaker 1: Satoshi Morita, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Email:
Title: Sensitive Subpopulation Finding with Biomarkers in a Randomized Clinical Trial
Speaker 2: Michael Rosenblum, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health,
Title: Optimal Two-Stage Adaptive Enrichment Designs, using Sparse Linear Programming
Speaker 3: Lu Tian, Stanford University School of Medicine, Email:
Title: Bias Correction in Subgroup Analysis with Survival Outcomes

Speaker 4: Shixue Liu, Pfizer China, Email:

Title: Regularized Outcome Weighted Subgroup Identification with Smooth Hinge Loss

164. Advances in Limit Theorems of Applied Probabilities

Organizer: Li-Xin Zhang, Zhejiang University, Email:

 Chair: Zhonggen Su, Zhejiang University, Email:

Speaker 1: Wensheng Wang, Hangzhou Normal University, Email: 
Title: Large Deviations for Sums of Random Vectors Attracted to Operator Semi-Stable Laws
Speaker 2: Zhishui Hu, University of Science and Technology of China,
Title: Limit Behaviors of the Generalized Random Graphs
Speaker 3: Qunqiang Feng, University of Science and Technology of China,
Title: On the Increasing Paths in Accessibility Percolation

Speaker 4:  Dangzheng Liu, University of Science and Technology of China,
Title: On Products of Random Matrices

165. Advance Asymptotic Methods for Statistics
Organizer: Li-Xin Zhang, Zhejiang University, Email:
Chair: Wensheng Wang, Hangzhou Normal University, Email:
Speaker 1: Zhengyan Lin, Zhejiang University, Email: 
Title: Some New Procedures for High Frequency Data
Speaker 2: Lianfen Qian, Florida Atlantic University, Email:
Title: Efficient Empirical Likelihood Inference in Partial Linear Models for Longitudinal Data
Speaker 3: Shurong Zheng, Northeast Normal University, Email: 
Title: CLT for Linear Spectral Statistics of Large Dimensional Sample Covariance Matrices with
Dependent Data

Speaker 4: Fukang Zhu, Mathematics School and Institute of Jilin University, 


Title: Robust Closed-Form Estimators for the Integer-Valued GARCH(1,1) Model

166. Recent Development in Adaptive Study Designs for Early Phase Clinical Trials
Organizer and Chair: Satoshi Morita, Kyoto University, Email:
Speaker 1: Kentaro Takeda, Astellas Pharma Inc., Japan, Email:
Title: Incorporating Historical Data in Bayesian Phase I Trial Design: Evaluating the Similarity
in Dose-Toxicity Relationship between Subgroups
Speaker 2: Tomoyuki Kakizume, Novaritis Pharma K.K. Tokyo, Japan,
Title: A Continual Reassessment Method with Adjustable Cohort Size Determined by Bayesian
Posterior Probabilities in Phase I Dose-Finding Studies
Speaker 3: Masataka Taguri, Yokohama City University, Email:
Title: Bayesian Optimal Interval Design for Dose Finding Based on Both Efficacy and
Toxicity Outcomes
Speaker 4: Suyu Liu, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center,
Title: A Robust Bayesian Dose-Finding Design for Phase I/II Clinical Trials
167.  ICSA-Shanghai Chapter Sponsored Invited Session: “MRCT Practice in China”
Organizers: Yue Wang, AstraZeneca China, Email: and
Dejun Tang, Novartis China, Email:
Chair: Yi Cheng, Novartis China, Email:
Speaker 1:  Jia Wang, AstraZeneca China, Email: 
Title: Performance Comparison of Consistency Trending Evaluation Approaches
Speaker 2: Sherry Zhao, Novartis China, Email: 
Title: MRCTs for China Submission - Practice, Challenge and Future direction
Speaker 3: Lianzhe Xu, AstraZeneca China, Email: 
Title: Estimating the Consistency Assurance for China Subgroup in a Global Study
Discussant: Feng Chen, Chair of CCTS (China Clinical Trial Statistician Working Group),
Nanjing Medical University, Email:
168. RSS Sponsored Invited Session: “New Models for Longitudinal/Survival Data and
Organizer and Chair: Jianxin Pan, The University of Manchester, UK, Email:
Speaker 1: Hongsheng Dai, Essex University, UK, Email:
Title: Survival Analysis under Referral Bias
Speaker 2: Jie Zhou, Sichuan University, Email:
Title: Range Distributed Target Detection for High Resolution Radar
Speaker 3: Chao Huang, Cardiff University, UK, Email: 
Title: Ignorability and Unbalanced Longitudinal Data
Speaker 4: Enbin Song, Sichuan University, Email: 
Title: Robust Hypothesis Testing for Asymmetric Nominal Densities under a Relative Entropy
169. New Methods for Analyzing Sensitivity, Covariance and Design
Organizer: Jianxin Pan, The University of Manchester, UK,
Chair: Yongdao Zhou, Sichuan University, Email:
Speaker 1: Xiaojing Shen, Sichuan University, Email:
Title: Distributed Detection Fusion via Monte Carlo Importance Sampling
Speaker 2: Yi Pan, The University of Manchester, UK, Email:
Title: Joint modelling of between-subject and within-subject covariance matrices
Speaker 3: Yongdao Zhou, Sichuan University, Email:
Title: Augmented Uniform Designs

Speaker 4: Ningning Xia, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 


Title: Shrinkage Estimation of the Covariance Matrix for Portfolio Choice Using High-Frequency Data
170. RSS Sponsored Invited Session: “New Methods for Modeling of Complex and
Challenging Data”
Organizer: Jianxin Pan, The University of Manchester, UK,
Chair: Hongsheng Dai, Essex University, UK, Email:
Speaker 1: Jian Qing Shi, Newcastle University, UK. Email:
Title: Functional LARS and Analysis of Big Medical Movement Data

Speaker 2: Tapio Nummi, University of Tampere, Finland, Email:

Title: A Spline Growth Model for Multivariate Data

Speaker 3: Keming Yu, Brunel University, UK. Email:
Title: Tail-index Regression for Both Small Sample Bias and Massive Data Analysis
Speaker 4: Jianxin Pan, The University of Manchester, UK,
Title: Joint Mean-Covariance Modelling and Its R Package: JMCM