171. Stein’s Method and Applications

Organizer: Xiao Fang, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Email:

Chair: Qi-Man Shao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Email:

Speaker 1: Louis H. Y. Chen, National University of Singapore, Email:
Title: Normal Approximation for Random Measures: From Palm Theory to Stein's Method

Speaker 2: Aihua Xia, University of Melbourne,
Title: On the Ginibre Point Process and Its Applications

Speaker 3: Zhuosong Zhang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Email:

Title: Berry-Esseen Bound for Exchangeable Pairs

Speaker 4: Xiao Fang, Chinese University of Hong Kong,

Title: Stein’s Method for Steady-State Diffusion Approximations

172. BioStatistical Methods and Biological Application for Health Sciences
Organizer and Chair: Mounir Mesbah, University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6,
Speaker 1: Alima Bentellis, Constantine University, Email:
Title: Study of the Effect of Trace Metals from an Old Antimony Mine on the Grouping of Plants
by Partial Least Squares Regression
Speaker 2: Peter H. Hu, Merck Co. & Inc., Email:
Title: Can Blinded Safety Review Be Informative? --- How to Decipher Safety Information from Blinded Data?
Speaker 3: Philippe Broet, French National Health Institute (Inserm) Villejuif,
Title: Genomic Modelling for Cancer Survival Prediction 
Speaker 4: Oualida Rached, Constantine University, Email:
Title: Oxidative Stress Tolerance Induced by Antimony in Endophytic Aspergillus SP Resistant
to Antimony: Its Possible Role in Bioremediation of Heavy Metal Polluted Soils

173. BioStatistical Methods and Models: Application for Health Sciences

(merged with Session 174)

Organizer and Chair: Mounir Mesbah, University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6,
Speaker 1: Zhiliang Ying, Columbia University, Email:
 Title: Statistical Inference of Latent Class Models with Application to Mental Health Disorders   

Speaker 2: Markatou MarianthiThe State University of New York at Buffalo


Title: Clustering with Mixed “Big Data” Types
Speaker 3: Rachid Senoussi, French National Agronomic Research Institute (Inra) Avignon,


Title: Parametric Inference on Longitudinal Data Driven by Long Distance Memory Latent Processes

Speaker 4: Mounir Mesbah, University Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 6, Email:

Title: Health Related Quality of Life Measurement in Longitudinal Studies
175.  KSS Sponsored Invited Session: “Modeling and Analysis of Complex Biomedical
Organizer and Chair: Donguk Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, Email:
Speaker 1: Sungho Won, Seoul National University, Email:
Title: Association Analysis of Repeatedly Observed RNA Sequencing Data
Speaker 2: Jaejik Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, Email:
Title: Statistical Validation in Dynamic Molecular Systems for Gene Regulatory Networks
Speaker 3: Hokeun Sun, Pusan National University, Email:
Title: Penalized Exponential Tilt Model for Analysis of High-dimensional DNA Methylation
Speaker 4: Woojoo Lee, Inha University, Email:
Title:  A Critical Look at Entropy-Based Gene-Gene Interaction Measures
176.  KSS Sponsored Invited Session: “Modern Statistical Analytics”
Organizer and Chair: Yung-Seop Lee, Dongguk University, Email:
Speaker 1:  Changwon Lim, Chung-Ang University, Email:
Title: Robust Ridge Regression Estimators for Nonlinear Models with Applications to High
Throughput Screening Assay Data
Speaker 2: Hwan Chung, Korea University, Email:
Title: Estimating Average Causal Effect in Latent Class Analysis
Speaker 3: Hyoung-Moon Kim, Konkuk University, Email:
Title: Skewed Factor Models using Selection Mechanisms
Speaker 4: Hee-Kyung Kim, Dongguk University, Email:
Title: A Quality Control Technique Applying to the Meteorological Observation Data
177. Recent Developments in Machine Learning and Data Mining (I)
Organizer: Xiaotong Shen, University of Minnesota, Email:
Chair: Yunzhang Zhu, Ohio State University, Email:
Speaker 1: Yichao Wu, North Carolina State University, Email:
Title: Variable Selection in Kernel Regression Using Measurement Error Selection Likelihoods
Speaker 2: Yunzhang Zhu, Ohio State University, Email:
Title: High-Dimensional Conditional Graphical Models

Speaker 3: Shaoli Wang, Shanghai Economics and Finance University,

Title: Large Margin Classifiers with Unequal Costs

Speaker 4:  Helen Zhang, Arizona State University, Email:
Title: Probability-Enhanced Sufficient Dimension Reduction for Binary Classification
178.  ICSA-New England Chapter Sponsored Invited Session: “Statistical Topics in the
Design and Analysis of Confirmatory Trials in Drug Development”
Organizers: Tao Song, Spectrum Pharmaceutical Inc, Email:,
Huyuan Yang, Takeda International Pharmaceutical Inc, Email:, and
Andy Chi, Takeda International Pharmaceutical Inc, Email:
Chair: Gajanan Bhat, Spectrum Pharmaceutical Inc, Email:
Speaker 1: Zhiwei Zhang, US FDA, Email:
Title: Robust Methods for Treatment Effect Calibration, with Application to Non-Inferiority Trials
Speaker 2: Tao Song, Spectrum Pharmaceutical Inc, Email:
Title: Missing Data in Confirmatory Trials and Intention to Treat Principle
Speaker 3: Jianchang Lin, Takeda International Pharmaceutical Inc, Email:
Title: A Bayesian Response-Adaptive Covariate-Adjusted Randomization Design for Clinical
Speaker 4: Jihao Zhou, Allergan, Email:
Title: Assessment of P-Value Quality in Phase III Clinical Trial
179.  Technometrics Special Invited Session: “Some New Statistical Methods on
Big Data Analysis”
Organizer and Chair: Peihua Qiu, University of Florida, Email:
Speaker 1: George Michailidis, University of Florida, Email:
Title: Measuring Influence in Twitter Ecosystems Using a Counting Process Modeling Framework

Speaker 2: Robert Gramacy, University of Chicago, Email:

Title: Speeding up Neighborhood Search in Local Gaussian Process Prediction

Speaker 3: Chunming Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Email:
Title: Statistical Learning of Neuronal Functional Connectivity
Speaker 4: Shifeng Xiong, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:
Title: OEM: A Design-Based Least Squares Algorithm
180. ICSA-Midwest Chapter Sponsored Invited Session: “Statistical Methods in HIV
        Prevention Research”
Organizer and Chair: Jingyang Zhang, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 
Speaker 1: Dean Follmann, Biostatistics Research Branch, NIAID, NIH, Email:
Title: Using Founder Virus Information in HIV Prevention Trials
Speaker 2: Jon Steingrimsson, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,
Title: Analysis of Longitudinal Adherence Measures from HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis
Speaker 3: Yifan Zhu, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Email:
Title: Combining Multiple Adherence Measures in HIV Prevention Trials

Speaker 4: Peter Gilbert, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Email:

Title: Data-adaptive estimation of genotype-specific vaccine efficacy in HIV and malaria Phase III trials