201. HKSS Sponsored Invited Session: “Recent Advances in Rank-based Analysis”

Organizer and Chair: Philip L.H. Yu, The University of Hong Kong, Email:

Speaker 1: Mayer Alvo, University of Ottawa, 
Title: The Use of Penalized Likelihood for Analyzing Ranking Data
Speaker 2: Hong Lee, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 
Title: Logit Tree Models for Discrete Choice Data
Speaker 3: Michael G. Schimek, Medical University of Graz, 
Title: A Distribution Function Approach for Signal Reconstruction from Ranking Data
Speaker 4: Philip L.H. Yu, The University of Hong Kong, 
Title: Latent-Scale Distance-Based Models for Ranking Data
202 HKSS Sponsored Invited Session: “Recent Advances in Functional/Longitudinal data Analysis”

Organizers: Guodong Li, The University of Hong Kong, Email:, and Catherine Liu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University,      E-mail:

 Chair: Jian Qing Shi, University of Newcastle, Email:

Speaker 1: Timothy Ng, Chonnam National University, Email:
 Title: Functional Data Analysis Using Factor Model with Toeplitz Error Structure


Speaker 2: Xin Guo, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University   Email:

Title: On the Convergence of Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithm in Hilbert Space

Speaker 3: Guochang Wang, Jinan University, Email:

 Title: Transformation Model for Sparse Functional Data


Speaker 4: Qibin Gao, Nanjing Normal University, Email:

Title: Nonparametric Estimator of Strictly Monotone Regression Function for Longitudinal Data

203.  Recent Advances in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Organizers: Hongyu Zhao, Yale University, Email:, and
Yuping Zhang, University of Connecticut, Email:
Chair: Xiaojing Wang, University of Connecticut, Email:
Speaker 1: Elizabeth Schifano, University of Connecticut, Email:
Title: Semiparametric Model for Robust Analysis of Multiple Secondary Phenotypes in Case-Control Genome-Wide Association Studies
Speaker 2:  Minghua Deng, Peking University, Email:
Title: Network Inference for Metagenome Data     

Speaker 3:  Rui Jiang, Tsinghua University, Email:

Title: Deep learning predicts regulatory elements from sequence

Speaker 4: Yuping Zhang, University of Connecticut, Email:      
Title: A New Statistical Method for Longitudinal High-Dimensional Data Analysis

204.  Computational Methods in Statistics
Organizer and Chair: Sahand Negahban, Yale University, Email:
Speaker 1: John C. Duchi, Stanford University, Email:
Title: Asynchronous Stochastic Approximation
Speaker 2: Sewoong Oh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Email:
Title: K-Nearest Neighbor Methods for Estimating Mutual Information and Shannon Capacity
Speaker 3: Xi Chen, New York University Stern School of Business, Email:
Title: On Degrees of Freedom of Projection Estimators with Applications to  Multivariate Shape Restricted Regression
Speaker 4: Quentin Berthet, Canbridge University, UK, Email:
Title: Trade-offs in Statistical Learning
205. Recent Developments in Machine Learning and Data Mining (II)
Organizer: Xiaotong Shen, University of Minnesota, Email:
 Chair: Yichao Wu, North Carolina State University, Email:
Speaker 1: Xiaohui Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Email:,
Title: Gaussian Approximation and Bootstrap Theorems for High-Dimensional U-Statistics
Speaker 2: Xiao Wang, Purdue University, Email:
 Title: Optimal Estimation for Quantile Regression with Functional Response

Speaker 3: Chengguo Weng, University of Waterloo, Email:

 Title: Empirical Likelihood Estimation for High Quantiles

Speaker 4: Xiaohong Chen, Yale University, Email:
 Title: Optimal Sup-norm Rates, Adaptivity and Inference in Nonparametric Instrumental Variables Estimation
206.IBS-China and Biometrics Special Invited Session
Organizers: Xiao-Hua Zhou, University of Washington, Email: and
Yi-Hau Chen, Academia Sinica, Email:
Chair: Xiao-Hua Zhou, University of Washington, Email:
Speaker 1: Jianqing Fan, Princeton University, Email: jqfan@Princeton.EDU
Title: Distributed Estimation and Inference with Statistical Guarantees

Speaker 2: Weijing Wang, National Chiao Tung University (Hsin-Chu), Email:
Title: Analysis of Recurrent Events Data Under Competing Risks

Speaker 3: Xuelin Huang, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,

Title: Using Longitudinal Biomarker Data to Dynamically Predict Time to Disease Progression

Speaker 4: Xia Wang, University of Cincinnati, Email: wang2x7@UCMAIL.UC.EDU
Title: A New Class of Cross-Covariance Function for Multivariate Spatial Data
207. Special Invited Panel Session: “Global Statistical Collaborations: Opportunities,
Challenges, and Future”
Organizers: Ying Lu, Stanford University, Email:, and
Ming-Hui Chen, University of Connecticut, Email:
Moderator: Ying Lu, Stanford University, Email:
Invited Panelists:
Jie Chen, Novartis, President of ISBS, Email:
Ray-Bing Chen, National Cheng Kung University, Representative of CIPS,
Dongseok Choi, Oregon Health & Science University, President of KISS,
Wing Kam Fung, the University of Hong Kong, President of IASC, Email:
Jack Gambino, Statistics Canada, President of Statistical Society of Canada (SSC),
Zhi Geng, Peking University, President of CAAS, Email:,
Shuyuan He, Capital Normal University, President of CAPS, Email:
Manabu Iwasaki, Seikei University, President of JSS, Email:
Amarjot Kaur, Merck & Co., Representative of IISA, Email:
Chul Eung Kim, President of KSS, Yonsei University, Email:
Mei-Ling Ting Lee, University of Maryland, ICSA President, Email:
Francisco Louzada Neto, Universidade de São Paulo, São Carlos, Representative of Brazilian Statistical Association (ABE), Email:
Kai Wang Ng, The University of Hong Kong, President of HKSS, Email:
Jianxin Pan, The University of Manchester, UK, Representative of RSS, Email:
Alexandra Mello Schmidt, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Past President of ISBA,
Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva, President of ISI, IBGE - National School of Statistical Sciences, Brazil, Email:
Jessica Utts, University of California at Irvine, President of ASA, Email:
Changbao Wu, University of Waterloo, Representative of Statistical Society of Canada (SSC),
Ming Yuan, University of Wisconsin-Madison, IMS Representative,
208. Special Memorial Session of Peter Hall
Organizer: Lixing Zhu, Hong Kong Baptist University, Email:
Chair: Tony Cai, University of Pennsylvania,  Email:
Speaker 1: Songxi Chen, Peking University/University of Iowa,  Email:
Title: Empirical Likelihood and Two Springs in Beijing 

Speaker 2: Ming-yen Cheng, National Taiwan University, Email:
Title: Smoothing under Constraints and Testing for Multimodality

Speaker 3: Aurore Delaigle, University of Melboune, Email:
Title: Peter Hall and Deconvolution
Speaker 4: Jianqing Fan, Princeton University, Email: jqfan@Princeton.EDU
 Title: Peter Hall:  A Mentor and Smoother
Speaker 5: Ingrid Van Keilegom, Université catholique de Louvain,
Title: Peter's Connection with Belgium and His Work on Measurement Errors
Speaker 6: Waikeung Li, University of Hong Kong, Email:
Title: Peter Hall: HKU and Time Series
Speaker 7: Hans Mueller, University of California at Davis, Email:
Title: Peter Hall at UC Davis
209. Special Invited Panel Session on CFDA’s Biostatistics Guideline for Clinical Trials

Organizers: Ivan Chan, Vice President of Pipeline Statistics and Programming,  AbbVie, Email: and  Jie Chen, Sr. Global Group Head, Biostatistical Science & Pharmacometrics,  Novartis, President of ISBS, Email:

Moderator: Jie Chen, Novartis, Email:


Feng Chen, Professor Biostatistics and Dean of School of Public Health,  Najing Medical University, Email:
Qin Huang, Center for Drug Evaluation, CFDA, Email:
Frank Shen, Vice President of Data and Statistical Science, AbbVie,  Email:
Jielai Xia, Professor of Biostatistics, The 4th Military Medical University,  Email:
Chen Yao, Professor of Biostatistics, Peking University,  Email:,

Naiqing Zhao, Professor of Biostatistics, Fudan University School of Public Health,  Email:

210. Recent Development of Statistics Methods in Psychology
Organizer and Chair: Dongchu Sun, University of Missouri and East China Normal University,Email:

Speaker 1: Jeff Rouder, University of Missouri, Email:
 Title:  Bayesian Hierarchical Models in Cognitive Psychology

Speaker 2: Xiu-Yan Guo, East China Normal University, Email:
Title: The Application of Classical and Bayesian Statistics to Implicit Learning
Speaker 3: Xing Tian, NYU-ECNU Institute of Brain and Cognitive Science at NYU Shanghai,
Title: Topography-based Multivariate Method for Testing Neural Hypothesis in Non-Invasive Human Scalp Recordings
Speaker 4: Yu-Feng Zang, Center for Cognition and Brain Disorders, Hangzhou Normal University, Email: or
Title: Resting-state and “state” fMRI Analytic Methods and Application to Cognitive Neuroscience