Sessions: 211-220

211. Recent Advances in Analysis of Omics Data

Organizer: Qi Long, University of Pennsylvania, Email:

Chair: Xin He, University of Chicago, Email:

Speaker 1:  Jin Liu, Duke-NUS Medical School, Email:
Title: The Latent Low Rank Model to Colocalize Genetic Risk Variants in Multiple GWAS
Speaker 2: Xuefeng Wang, Moffitt Cancer Center‎, Email:
Title: Deconvolving CNA Profiles of Cancer Genomes
Speaker 3: Qi Yan, University of Pittsburgh, Email:
Title: An Omnibus Test for Gene-Level Effects of Multi-Omics Data with Application to
Childhood Asthma

Speaker 4: Qi Long, University of Pennsylvania, Email:

Title: Integrative Omics Analyses across Multiple Conditions Using Tensor Decomposition and

212. Dig Data and Advanced Statistics Methods in Finance
Organizer and Chair: Dongchu Sun, University of Missouri and East China Normal University Email:
Speaker 1: Bing Cheng, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:
Title:    Big Data in Finance
Speaker 2: Zhong Liu, China Securities Index Company, LTD, Email:
Title:  Statistics Methods in Chinese Securities Markets
Speaker 3: Daode Gao, Haitong Securities Company, LTD, Email:
Title:  Statistics Applications in Securities Markets
Speaker 4: Zhuoqiong He, University of Missouri, Columbia, Email:
Title:  Estimating Chinese Treasury Yield Curves with Bayesian Smoothing Splines
213. SS Special Invited Session: “Recent Advances in Experimental Designs”

Organizers: Hsin-Cheng Huang, Academia Sinica, Email:,Ruey S. Tsay, University of Chicago, Email:, and
     Zhiliang Ying, Columbia University, Email:

Chair: Frederick Kin Hing Phoa, Academia Sinica, Email:

Speaker 1: Chunfang Devon Lin, Queen's University, Email:
Title: A General Construction for Space-Filling Latin Hypercubes
Speaker 2: Peter Qian, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Email:
Title: A Central Limit Theorem for Nested or Sliced Latin Hypercube Designs
Speaker 3: Ming-Chung Chang, Academia Sinica, Email:
Title: Two-Level Minimum Aberration Designs Under a Conditional Model with a Pair of
Conditional and Conditioning Factors
Discussant: Dennis K. J. Lin, Pennsylvania State University, Email:
214. Recent Advances on Random Processes and Related Problems
Organizer and Chair: Zhonggen Su, Zhejiang University, Email:
Speaker 1: Yong Hui Huang, Sun Yat-sen University. Email:
Title:  Finite Horizon Continuous-Time Markov Decision Processes with Mean and Variance
Speaker 2: Daquan Jiang, Peking University, Email:
Title:Cycle Symmetry, Limit Theorems, and Fluctuation Theorems for Diffusion Processes on
        the Circle

Speaker 3:  Xiangdong Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Email:

Speaker 4:   Kai-Nan Xiang,  Nankai University, Email:
 Title:  Biased Random Walks on Groups and Graphs