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Sep. 23rd  Morning

Sep. 23rd  Afternoon

Sep. 24th  Morning

08:30-08:45  Opening Ceremony




08:45-09:20  辛周平

Global well-podedness of 2D Prandtl's boundary layer equations

14:00-14:35  徐超江

Boundary layer analysis for the fast   horizontal rotating fluids

08:30-09:05  张立群

On the regularity of weak solution of parabolic   equations

09:20-09:55  章志飞

Well-posedness of the Prandtl equation and   inviscid limit

14:35-15:10  张剑文

On the non-resistive limit of 1D compressible MHD   equations

09:05-09:40  谢春景

Some studies on steady flows in channels

09:55-10:15       拍照、茶歇

15:10-15:30       茶歇

09:40-10:00       茶歇




10:15-10:50  杨彤

Well-posedness of Prandtl equations in Gevrey   function spaces

15:30-16:05  王术

Boundary Layer Problem and Zero   Viscosity-Diffusion Limit of the 2D/3D Incompressible MHD System with   Dirichlet Boundary Conditions

10:00-10:35  刘成杰

Prandtl boundary layer theory for MHD equations in   Sobolev spaces without monotonicity

10:50-11:25  李维喜

Well-posedness in Gevrey function space for the   three-dimensional Prandtl equations

16:05-16:40  陶涛

On the zero-viscosity limit of the Navier-Stokes   equation R_+^3

10:35-11:15  王亚光


11:25-12:00  罗天文

Some Results on The Three-Dimensional Prandtl   Equations

16:40-17:15  丁玉涛

Blow up criterion for the Prandtl equation

11:15-12:00  自由讨论

12:00-14:00  午餐

17:30-          晚餐

12:00-       午餐


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