Wenjun Ying Ph.D.

     Department of Mathematics
     Shanghai Jiao Tong University
     800 Dongchuan Road
     Minhang, Shanghai 200240

     Office Location:  619 Old Library Building
     Office Phone:   (8621) 5474 5849
     Email Address:   wying at sjtu dot edu dot cn
     Web Page:  http://www.math.sjtu.edu.cn/faculty/wying



  • NSF Award DMS-0915023 (single PI), August, 2009.
  • Outstanding Teaching Award (junior level), Math Dept., Michigan Tech, 2009-2010.
  • Outstanding Research Award (junior level), Math Dept., Michigan Tech, 2008-2009.


  • The general areas of my interests include scientific computing, modeling/simulation and numerical methods for mathematical problems arising from science and engineering applications, such as mathematical biology, computational electro-physiology and computational fluid dynamics. My current specific research interests are focused on adaptive and multiscale algorithms for modeling cardiac dynamics. A few other numerical methods (other than those covered by my thesis work) that I have made intensive studies are Cartesian grid methods for elliptic boundary/interface problems, boundary integral methods accelerated by fast multipole algorithms, and composite backward differentiation formulas (CBDFs) for initial value problems.


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